X-Tractor – Der Mussolini (Tribute to Gabi Delgado) | FREE Download


Der Mussolini (Tribute to Gabi Delgado)
Free Download

X-Tractor – Der Mussolini | A tribute cover version of the greatest DAF hit,
in honor of the late DAF singer, Gabi Delgado.

X-Tractor - Der Mussolini (Tribute to Gabi Delgado) - Free Download 2020 | Marzo McCutter

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In memory of Gabi Delgado (DAF)

X-Tractor 2020 is:
Marzo McCutter – Vox
OliT ZaalK: Programming, Synth
Sister Morphine – Additional Synth

Recorded at SubZone Studio/Leipzig
Mastered at Leave Me Alone Studio/Leipzig
Country: Germany
Release Date: May/05/2020

Cover Artwork by: Klas Digital Artwork
Cover Idea by: Marzo McCutter


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